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Engineering Entrance

The dedicated team of knowledgeable and stable teachers along with stong academic and administrative system of the Eminent Academy, supports students in learning by sharing their knowledgr, attaining confidence and time management skills through excellent classroom teaching.

Our Teaching consists of concept building classes, relevant classroom notes and test system. To achieve best all-round performance, student are prepared in three layers – for Boards, IIT JEE main and advanced, and teachers are always available for doubt removal.

Along with all these parameters, students can move forward in achieving success in all their examinations to accomplish bright colors in their career. At EMINENT ACADEMY the right ways to a bright career are made visible to every student.

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Eminent Academy helps and guides the medical profession as paints at various levels to achive their goals and clear medical entrace exams.

Eminent Academy helps the students to realise their aims and stay focused on them.

Separate modules are prepared for competitive exams and board exams as per their different needs.

Teaching approach is simple and straight which helps the students to crack the pre-medical exams with confidence and also equip them with the knowledge required to get through their board exams successfully.

We are providing students with the most intellectual, dedicated and experienced teachers.

Special classes are arranged for AIIMS apart from AIPMT coaching.

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At Eminent Academy Smart classes [CBSE/ICSE/Gujarat Board(GSEB)] are used where teaching is made impactful by use of animations, presentations, chart & model demonstrations so that students can comprehend easily and quickly.

Aptitude and topic wise tests are conducted to understand the strengths and weaknesses of every student and training them accordingly.

Periodic minor/major tests are also conducted to evaluate the performance of students. Parents are also made aware of the performance of their ward.

To complement interactive learning in the classroom students are provided with exclusive class room notes.

Extra classes are conducted for the students who are appearing in competitions, NTSE and Olympiads.

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Spoken English

Do you find it difficult to speak English? Are you puzzled why you can read and write in English but get a hard time putting together a simple sentence?

Eminent Academy has its unique method to provide quality Spoken English Training where Every student gets individual attention of the teacher and It helps to improve Speaking English faster.

Tests of grammar, vocabulary and spoken English are conducted every week.

Mock Interviews are held to improve interview skills of students.

Institute uses psychological techniques to boost confidence of a student in English speaking whenever there is a need.At Eminent we use creative and innovative methods to boost confidence of the students in communication skills.

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11th & 12th Commerce

Eminent acaademy is the gateway of learning, exploring as a stepping stone for commerce.

We provide top worth education of Commerce to the youth of the area and to bring out their hidden potentialities by smart board & video visual aid.

Eminent Academy always strives hard-and-fast to attain and accomplish its goals and objectives in both academic as well as extra-curricular and very activities for commerce

Eminent Academy also has qualified and dynamic professionals as visiting faculty for their relevant topic.

Eminent Academy provides adequate basic understanding about accounting & finance education to the students.We gives competent exposure to the operational environment in the field of accounting & finance.

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Eminent Academy has their own team that recognize the impotance of continued learning throughout your career and the Bachelor of Commerce is planned to improve your ability to comprehend new develoments, pursue further degrees like Chartered Accountant(CA), Company Secretary ship(cs).

and Cost and Work Accountancy (ICWA) and become a person in charge in your field.

Eminent academy build up to get your endurance to face challenges, the passion to succeed and win and also to commit yourself to building a challenging career in accounts M.Com. (Advance Accountancy) is a course specially designed for you.

A general specialization in Accountancy, with sufficient coverage of various topics in the minor subject areas, including Economics, English & Communication, Management and Statistics.

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